Clients who come into Z-Line Fitness studio often times complain about having pain while driving. Neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and sciatica are usually the main complaints. There are all kinds of documents out there showing you how to setup your office chair properly but very little about how to setup your car seat to prevent aches and pains – hence the reason we made this video.

One of the big reason driving causes us so much pain is do to the way we have to drive. We are mostly using one leg to do all the work, unless you still drive a stick shift. The continuous back and forth between the gas and break causes the inner thigh muscles, hip flexor muscles, and calf flexors and extenders to get a workout – but only on one leg! This imbalance in conditioning leads to hip instability which in turn causes lower back pain, sciatica, disc bulges and herniations. Unfortunately you can’t simply drive with your other leg. There are, however, adjustments you can make with your seat or a lumbar support you can pick up on Amazon to help. There also is a simple little exercise you can do. We’ll show you all of this in our handy dandy video.

Your upper back, shoulders, and neck also take a beating when driving. If you like to cruise with your seat leaned back then I can bet you have neck pain. Depending on where you place your arms on the steering wheel you may have shoulder and neck pain. Good news is, in our video we show you what to do about that too!

Craig Zuckerman and Lori Clark of Z-Line Fitness take you through multiple ergonomic adjustments and an exercise to help you relieve pain caused by driving.


  • SimplePosture Lower Back Pain Cushion:
  • Aukee Car Headrest Pillow :
  • TravelMate Wellness Seat Cushion:


  • Sure MVI (iphone mic impute):
  • OSP HS-12 Dual Ear EarSet Headworn Microphone: