Craig Zuckerman

Craig is a Master Instructor, completing a Stott Pilates certification in all levels and apparatuses in 2001 before moving out to California where he became the director of a Pilates-based physical therapy center, Rapid Rehab International. During his eight years as director of Pilates, Craig worked with all kinds of injuries as well as giving seminars on his rehab techniques. Working with doctors from the Spine Institute in Santa Monica California and the Spine Center at Cedars-Sinai, he created a program for spinal injuries, as well as a strengthening and injury prevention program for golfers.

Using biomechanical analysis and kinesiology, Craig constructs specific programs that combine Pilates, Counter Muscle Balancing, cardio, weights, and stability. Combining positive reinforcement and dynamic exercise programs Craig inspires and motivates his clients to heal and improve themselves. He gives master classes and lectures across the nation, along with private sessions in his Santa Monica based studio. Not only has Craig helped people with Parkinson’s, hip and knee replacements, and spinal injuries, he has also trained corporate executives, Olympic athletes, professional golfers, and celebrities.

Craig Zuckerman founded Z-Line Fitness, LLC in 2011, after opening his home-based studio. He’s been featured in OK! Magazine and recently he created and co-wrote, The Office Effect Handbook– easy solutions for work-related pain. Using his years of knowledge in personal training and physical rehabilitation, Craig set out to create an easy-to-follow guide, allowing people to take control of their aches, pains, and injuries. Seen on the Doctors Show and the CBS, KCAL 9 News, The Office Effect Handbook has sold copies worldwide.

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“I keep coming back because after a month with Craig I pretty much forgot that I ever HAD pain.”

Marsha & Karl Austin

“He’s helped me rehabilitate two hip replacements and gotten me back out on the tennis courts. Working with Craig has given me confidence, made me look fabulous, and kept me from feeling like I’m in my golden years.”

Peggy Mitteldorf

“Craig is one of those people that understands the body. He understands there are different shapes, conditions, injuries, etc. and can adjust his workouts to tailor each individual.”

Cheri Phillips

“I have a desk job, but Craig has taught me how to take care of my body so that I can live without pain, and THAT is a huge blessing. Thank you Craig!” You’re the BEST!”

Lisa Williams

“Thank goodness I have not had one back spasm since I last saw you. You REALLY helped me once again!!! Thanks!!!”

Reesa Niznick

“I want to say thank you…I’ve felt pretty hopeless the last few years and meeting with you made me hopeful again!! I’m telling everyone about how great you are!!”

Kelly Delich

Craig on The Doctors TV Show

What Sets Craig Apart from other Trainers

Not only is Craig fully certified in Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Exercises on the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels. He not only has been training clients for over 20 years but he has been teaching other Pilates instructors and Physical Therapists, his physical rehabilitation techniques. His Bachelor of Fine Arts background in dance has helped him create over a hundred exercises of his own. Vast knowledge of Biomechanics and Kinesiology gives him an uncanny ability to pick out the body’s imbalances and understand the motion and movement of the body in a way that sets him apart from the usual fitness instructor.

Craig has worked with doctors from The Santa Monica Spine Institute, such as Dr. Timothy Davis and Dr. Michael Kropf, as well as doctors from Cedars-Sinai Spine Center. His book, The Office Effect, is in doctor’s offices, such as Todd H. Lanman, MD, and Physical Therapist offices too. Craig can speak directly with your doctor to understand best how to treat your injury. Craig’s not your typical Pilates instructor, or trainer, as he has a vast knowledge of the body, understands all types of surgical procedures, and personally knows what it’s like to have gone through Physical Therapy for all sorts of injuries.

Craig’s had to battle through knee surgery, which was supposed to end his dance career. After going through Physical Therapy for a full year, he bounced back and continued to dance professionally for five years. Throughout his dance career, Craig also battled a shoulder dislocation, a ruptured hamstring, high ankle sprain, and a torn abdominal muscle. It wasn’t until he found Pilates that he was fully able to keep his body from falling apart, do to the stress of being a professional dancer. The biggest challenge, however, came when Craig had to recently overcome a brain tumor. He knows how difficult it can be to battle through the depression of adversity. Best of all, he can get you through it.