The Essential Gamers Guide for Posture and Pain Relief

Esports is huge, as is gaming in general, but do you know how to properly setup your gaming station to prevent pain and poor posture? Craig Zuckerman has everything for the gamer, from proper ergonomic setup of your computer and chair, to warmups, exercises, and stretches to help out any gamer, whether you’re an esports pro or an at home game console newbie.

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15 Products to Help Relieve Pain and Correct Posture

If you have aches, pains, sore muscles or poor posture, and you’d like some tools to help, then you’re in the right place. Craig Zuckerman breaks down the top 15 products he recommends. These devices make great gifts and are easy on the pocket book. It’s amazing what these little helpers can do. Check the links below to purchase these items on Amazon. For additional items we love, check out our products page: Products

Adjustable Reading Desk:
Tablet and Phone Holder:
Bendable Phone Holder:
Latex Contour Pillow:
Memory Foam Contour Pillow (3 sizes):
Back Buddy:
Massage Balls:
Foam Roller:
Foam Roller Alternative:
Stretch Strap:
Magic Back Stretcher:
Kinesiology Tape (RockTape):
RockTape H2O (more sticky):
Fitness Circle (without DVD):
Balance Board:
Knee Brace:
Compression Socks:
Compression Sock (Calf Only):
Sweatbands (long):
Sweatbands (short):
Tennis/Golfer Elbow Brace:

Reaching to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain

If you’re having neck and shoulder pain it could be caused by the way you reach for stuff. Never fear, Z-Line’s here, to show you our latest life hack – the best way to grab things when you need to reach above your head.

Vacuuming Sucks, but it Doesn’t Have to Hurt You

If you’re experiencing shoulder and/or back pain, then how you vacuum might be to blame. You might be overworking parts of your body with the common, fixable mistakes we show in this video. Watch and learn how to reduce the strain on your body during this common household task so it doesn’t become a painful repetitive stress on your body.

3 Quick, Simple Ankle and Foot Strengthening Exercises

If we have a client come into the studio with a knee, hip or back injury, chances are they have week or unstable ankles and feet. In fact, we never have a client leave our studio without first learning these three simple exercises. They help improve balance while strengthening and stabilizing your lower body. Through exercises such as Ankle Circles and Toe Curls/Flexes, you’ll learn to to prevent ankle and foot injuries, as well as help support your upper body. The best part, these three simple exercises can be done by anybody, anywhere and are essential to balance and preventing falls.