3 Quick, Simple Ankle and Foot Strengthening Exercises

If we have a client come into the studio with a knee, hip or back injury, chances are they have week or unstable ankles and feet. In fact, we never have a client leave our studio without first learning these three simple exercises. They help improve balance while strengthening and stabilizing your lower body. Through exercises such as Ankle Circles and Toe Curls/Flexes, you'll learn to to prevent ankle and foot injuries, as well as help support your upper body. The best part, these three simple exercises can be done by anybody, anywhere and are essential to balance and preventing [...]

The Danger of Standing on One Leg

Pay close attention if you suffer from hip and back pain!  This video focuses on repetitive stress, its toll on your body, and how to address it. The tasks you do daily may secretly be the number one cause of your pain. One common (fixable) mistake erodes your well being by pulling your body out of alignment- watch now to learn how to recognize, rectify, & avoid common causes of hip, back and knee pain.

Wiggle, Bounce and Roll Your Way to Better Health

In just a few minutes this little movement series will invigorate you like having a shot of expresso. More than a wake-me-up, Wiggle, Bounce and Roll loosens your joints, preventing arthritic reactions in the body. The increased blood flow will make you tingle and help reduce the bad cholesterol while increasing the good cholesterol. It will even help clear out your lymphatic system – all while putting a smile on your face.

One Simple Change Could Relieve Your Sciatica & Back Pain

Many times, the cause of our pain can be tracked back to a simple movement or habit we do daily. These things can seem innocuous, but with time, they have devastating effects on our bodies. In this video Craig Zuckerman shows one of the most common things we do that causes hip pain, sciatica, and lower back pain – sitting with our legs crossed. If this sounds crazy to you, then watch the video and see why this activity can cause so much pain.

Backpacks and Purses – Are They Causing Your Neck, Shoulder, or Back Pain?

Carrying around a purse, backpack or briefcase is an everyday thing for most of us, but did you know it can cause lower back pain? In this video Craig Zuckerman demonstrates how the repetitive stress of carrying these items could be the cause of your lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica or crooked posture. You'll also find out exactly what you need to do to relieve those aches and pains. If you'd like more help with pain and poor posture, look no further then, The Office Effect Handbook! With easy solutions to all kinds of injuries, like the [...]