Craig Zuckerman
Master Pilates Instructor & Biomechanics Specialist

Whether you’re recovering from a back injury, want to improve your golf game, or just want to get lean and tone, Craig’s got you covered. You can now get fit or pain free from anywhere in the world, with our Video Sessions. We are also open for In-Studio Session too!

New Client Session

$250per session
  • 55 Minute Sessions
  • In-Studio or Video
  • Full Body Analysis
  • Tailored to your Needs
  • Personalized Video Exercises
  • Free Copy of The Office Effect Handbook

Private Session

$200per session
  • 55 Minute Session
  • In-Studio or Video
  • Continuously Changing Workout
  • Tailored to Your Needs
  • Pain Reduction and Performance Enhancement
  • Reduce Injuries and Improve Performance

Semi-Private Session

$100per person
  • 55 Minute Session
  • In-Studio or Video
  • Full Body Workout
  • Shared with Family or Friend
  • Continuously Changing Workout
  • *Contact us for details

“Craig is one of those people that understands the body. He understands there are different shapes, conditions, injuries, etc. and can adjust his workouts to tailor each individual.”

Cheri Phillips

“I have a desk job, but Craig has taught me how to take care of my body so that I can live without pain, and THAT is a huge blessing. Thank you Craig!” You’re the BEST!”

Lisa Williams

“He’s helped me rehabilitate two hip replacements and gotten me back out on the tennis courts. Working with Craig has given me confidence, made me look fabulous, and kept me from feeling like I’m in my golden years.”

Peggy Mitteldorf

“Thank goodness I have not had one back spasm since I last saw you. You REALLY helped me once again!!! Thanks!!!”

Reesa Niznick

“I keep coming back because after a month with Craig I pretty much forgot that I ever HAD pain.”

Marsha & Karl Austin

“I want to say thank you…I’ve felt pretty hopeless the last few years and meeting with you made me hopeful again!! I’m telling everyone about how great you are!!”

Kelly Delich

*Please note that Craig Zuckerman is not a physical therapist and therefore cannot accept health insurance.