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    Exercise is the key to a long, healthy life; but not all exercises were created equal. With over twelve years of research and development under our belt, we have created a full-body exercise program that can have you standing taller and feeling better – in just ten minutes! Pulled straight from the groundbreaking The Office Effect Handbook – Second Edition, these digitally downloadable exercises will get you out of pain and correct your posture in no time.
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    Desk Relief

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    We have all the answers in Desk Relief – our ergonomics guide for the workplace. Pulled straight from our research-proven guide for pain relief, The Office Effect Handbook – Second Edition, this easy-to-follow digital-download booklet gives you the information you need to correctly setup your workspace, correct your posture, and get out of pain.
  • Why we recommend this: You may have seen professional athletes on tv with tap all over their shoulders or knees. There’s a good chance that tape was kinesiology tape. This stretchy tape relaxes muscles and activates the lymphatic system to promote healing. We use this in the studio for aching shoulders, knee injuries, ankle injuries, as well as neck and lower back pain. It’s easy to do, and it works like magic.
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    This digital download has been re-mastered to look beautiful on your tablet or computer. The Office Effect Handbook ‐ Second Edition, has over 20% more content than before. Over ten years of research and development, this full-colored handbook shows you the causes of your pain and poor posture, and exactly what to do about it.