In our technological age sometimes things that seem to be easy, may end up being a bit problematic. If you’re having difficulty downloading or viewing your PDF, we have some tips for you below. If you’re still having trouble viewing our product downloads on your device, please contact us so we may resolve your issue.

What to expect when you purchase a product download from us

When purchasing one of our PDF products you must first be on a device that has a PDF reader installed, such as Adobe Reader. If you don’t have a PDF reader on your computer you can download it for free here: or download it from your mobile device’s App Store. If you have an Apple device, such as an iPad, we suggest loading our digital download products directly into iBooks for the best possible viewing.


To ensure that you can always access your PDF downloadable product, save your product to your computer, tablet, or smart phone for future viewing. If, for any reason you have lost your download or if you forgot to save it, you are allowed to re-download your product up to five times within one week. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the email confirmation that you received when you purchased the product. The sender will be “The Office Effect” and the subject line will be “Your purchase from The Office Effect is complete.” If you don’t see it in your inbox, try checking in your spam.
  2. In the email click “View Purchase Online” which will take you to a new page where you will see your order.
  3. Click the “Download” button to download a new copy of your product.
    * To prevent product piracy, we limit the number of download attempts to five, within a one week period. After that time period, or number of downloads, you will no longer be allowed to download your product again. If this causes any problems, please contact us to resolve the situation.

Special Note for iPad and iPhone Users
If you purchased your downloadable product while on your iPad or iPhone, here is how you save and load your product into iBooks for the best viewing.

  1. Follow the steps above to initiate the download.
  2. When the PDF opens in your browser, click on the box with the up arrow at the very bottom of the screen in the middle. This will give you options to share or save the PDF.
  3. From this list, choose “Copy to iBooks” (this link can be found in the same row as the “Messages” icon).
  4. Your download will open in iBooks.

From step 3, you can save the PDF in any number of places like Adobe Reader or Dropbox or Google Drive.

If you are still having trouble viewing your PDF product download from The Office Effect, please email us and we will help you resolve the issue.