Back Stretcher

Why we recommend this: Several of our clients use this product on a daily basis in order for them to reverse the hunch in their upper back. Although the device is advertised for the lower backs, we have our clients place it between their shoulder blades (thoracic spine) and lay on it, every day, for 5 minutes. It is adjustable up to three levels or roundness, allowing you to start small and progress over time.



Adjustable back stretcher and posture fixer.

  • The Back Massage Stretcher is designed to make stretching your back easy, safe, affordable and enjoyable. Lumbar support, spine stretcher, relax your back.
  • The lcfun Back Stretcher is an easy to use home treatment for spine problems, preventive care device for your spine, multi-level adjustment arch for greater reach.
  • Compact in design & portable – can fit nicely in luggage. High quality & durable materials. Size :40*25.5*5 CM,Color: Black,Type:Back Massage Stretcher


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