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With over twelve years of research and development under our belt, we have created a full-body exercise program that can have you standing taller and feeling better.

The Office Effect Handbook
Second Edition

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SALE: $14.95 

Desk Relief

Was: $9.99
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10 Minute Relief Program

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Exercises Companion

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Products We Suggest

We use all of these products in our studio and we highly recommend them to our clients to use at home. As part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, we may be partially compensated for sales of these products.

Fitness Circle

Why we recommend this: We use this product daily with every client doing multiple types of exercises. It helps strengthen and stabilize shoulders, obliques (your love handles) and much more. It even fits easily in a suitcase. Although a little more pricy, Stott’s version of the Fitness Circle has the perfect amount of tension and lasts for years.

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Stability Cushion

Why we recommend this: This inflatable cushion is excellent for both increasing balance and making exercises more challenging by standing or laying on it. It can also be used as a seat cushion, allowing the back to have its natural curve, preventing lower back pain and herniations.

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Why we recommend this: I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t that a car buffer?” and you would be correct. However, at Z-Line Fitness we use this tool as a massager, to warm the muscles and increase blood flow. I know it may seem crazy…but once you’ve try it, you will never use another massager again.

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Tablet Holder

Why we recommend this: This versatile invention is a great way to watch or work on your tablet while lying down, sitting at the kitchen table, or on the couch. When using it, you take much of the strain off your upper back and neck, which can help reduce neck and shoulder pain, and even prevent headaches and cervical spine herniations.

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Exercise Band Set

Why we recommend this: A great resistance band set is the perfect tool when building strength and stability. You can anchor any of these long lasting bands to a door, pole, or just use the bands by themselves. These tube like bands are safer then the flat therapy bands, which tend to tear and snap. Use this set at home or one the go, as they can easily fit in your suitcase.

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Balance Mat

Why we recommend this: This cushion allows you to add in balance and stability with many of your exercises. It has just the right thickness and give to it, plus it is large enough to stand on with both feet. Whenever we have a client doing a standing exercise they’re on one of these cushions and the increased challenge to their entire body is noticeable.

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Magic Arc

Why we recommend this: Several of our clients use this product on a daily basis in order for them to reverse the hunch in their upper back. Although the device is advertised for the lower backs, we have our clients place it between their shoulder blades (thoracic spine) and lay on it, every day, for 5 minutes. It is adjustable up to three levels or roundness, allowing you to start small and progress over time.

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Wabble Board

Why we recommend this: Ankle strength and stability is one of the most things in order to prevent injuries throughout the body. The problem is, we often overlook exercising and increasing the range of motion in our ankles. This is why we have every client that comes through our studio do ankle circles on the wobble board. If you play sports, are a runner, or like to go on hikes – this device is a must!

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Adjustable Stand

Why we recommend this: If you read books or work on a laptop while in bed, on the couch or on the floor then you may want to pick up one of these adjustable stands. We love it because it can help take stress off your shoulders and neck do to its multiple adjustments for hight, allowing your body to be in proper postural alignment no matter where you’re sitting.

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Book/Document Holder

Why we recommend this: You can place a book, magazine, or just some papers you need to read on this handy dandy stand. By lifting the document up, you illuminate the need to look directly down at whatever you’re reading, which in turn lessens the train of gravity on your neck. This creates better postural alignment,   preventing neck strain and headaches.

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Heel Lift

Why we recommend this: If you’ve had a knee injury or surgery and now you can’t fully straighten your knee, then in time, you will have a back, shoulder, or neck. This happens because of the leg length discrepancy and the fact that we are always fighting gravity. With one leg shorter we inevitably lean to one side, creating imbalances in our backs musculature. This imbalance eventually compresses one side of the spine leading to lower back, shoulder and neck pain. All you may need is a little lift in your shoe to make all the pain go away.

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Kinesiology Tape

Why we recommend this: You may have seen professional or olympic athletes on tv with tap all over their shoulders or knees. There’s a good chance that tape was kinesiology tape. This special kind of tape stretches up to 180% and has special adhesive that keeps it stuck on, even when wet. We use this in the studio for aching shoulders, knee injuries (such as patella femoral syndrome), neck and lower back pain, and all kinds of other injuries. There are multiple videos on Youtube that can show you how to tape yourself properly. It’s easy to do, and it works like magic.

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