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Private & Peaceful

The Z-Line Fitness studio has top of the line Balanced Body equipment, along with stability apparatuses, weights, and other fun exercise tools to help you get into the best shape of your life. Another great feature of the studio is privacy. You’ll never be bothered by other trainers, or clients making noise and hogging the equipment. You’ll have privacy from paparazzi’s, solicitors, or any other bothers you find in bigger, commercial studios. There is always plenty of free parking available too. So come enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Z-Line Fitness’ studio. Put your mind at ease, get your body back, and work your pain away in the comfort of your own private studio.

Why Choose Us

  • Quite and peaceful

  • No other clients to contend with

  • No other staff to be bothered by

  • Easy, free parking

  • Top of the line equipment

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Our Location

Z-Line Fitness, LLC

2214 Euclid St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Located between Pacific St. & Pearl St.

Major cross streets: Pico Blvd. & Ocean Park Blvd.

Easy access from 10 Freeway

"Thank goodness I have not had one back spasm since I last saw you. You REALLY helped me once again!!! Thanks!!!" ~ Reesa Niznick

"He’s helped me rehabilitate two hip replacements and gotten me back out on the tennis courts. Working with Craig has given me confidence, made me look fabulous, and kept me from feeling like I’m in my golden years." ~ Peggy Mitteldorf

"I have a desk job, but Craig has taught me how to take care of my body so that I can live without pain, and THAT is a huge blessing. Thank you, Craig! You’re the BEST!" ~ Lisa Williams

"Craig is one of those people that understands the body. He understands there are different shapes, sizes, conditions, injuries, etc. and can adjust his workouts to tailor each individual." ~ Cheri Phillips

"…I keep coming back, because after about a month with Craig, I pretty much forgot that I ever HAD pain." ~ Marsha & Karl Austin