Desk Relief


We have all the answers in Desk Relief – our ergonomics guide for the workplace. Pulled straight from our research-proven guide for pain relief, The Office Effect Handbook – Second Edition, this easy-to-follow digital-download booklet gives you the information you need to correctly setup your workspace, correct your posture, and get out of pain.


Multiple Adjustments for Your Desk and Chair

  • No more wondering how to setup your chair so you don’t have lower back pain
  • Get rid of that constant neck pain and headaches with just a few, simple adjustments
  • No need to spend hundreds on an “Ergonomic Specialist” to come into your office or home

Pain Relieving Diagnostic Chart

Our easy-to-follow chart breaks down your areas of pain. Detailing what improper postures are at the root cause of those pains, and what ergonomic mistakes are creating your pain and poor posture. Then we show you exactly how to fix it!

Get Relief From

  • Neck , Upper Back and Shoulder Pain
  • Lower Back, Hip, Groin and buttocks Pain
  • even Sciatica and Carpel Tunnel

Help Correct

  • Hunched Shoulders
  • Forward Head
  • Twisted Hips

Quick Workstation Fixes

Easily identify some of the most common ergonomic mistakes with our quick reference guide. Our detailed photos will show you how certain placements of your phone, monitor, and keyboard may be causing you some painful postural problems.

Pain Relieving Helpers

There are a lot of devices that can help you maintain proper posture and reduce pain – we show you the best ones on the market.


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